A start!

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, this one step has been a year in the talking and has finally come to fruition – hoping this will spur on the rest of my plans!

Many thanks to Andy Barnham for kicking me to do this, hopefully I will have my first follower in him!

My blog will be about the road to getting to where I want to be, recipes along the way, my attempt to capture some photographic evidence of this, generally a bit of fun! Where better to start than one of my most favorite guilty pleasures – best ever, all-in-one cupcakes. When asked what is my, signature dish, I’m always a little stumped …… but on second though, I have made cupcakes and developed their recipes for years now, so I will now reply with the cupcake! As a chef I am all about the reaction and nothing say happiness more than a perfect little cupcake cake made just for you!

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4 Responses to A start!

  1. Philippa Kent says:

    Love it. X x

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