Damson Gin


500g of washed wild damsons
160g of white granulated sugar
75cl bottle of medium quality gin
Sterilised 1 litre (at least) Le Parfait jar


Wash the damsons well and prick each of them with a fork then add to the jar. Add the sugar and top up with gin to the rim. Shake every day until the sugar is dissolved and then store in a cool, dark place until you can resist it no longer (leave for at least three months). If you are planning to drink this after 3 months, have a nip after a month, and top up with sugar to taste. Some people strain the liquid (through muslin/jelly bag) after 3 months and bottle it, leaving it mature for six months. I strain and bottle after a year. Don’t leave the straining process any longer than a year; leaving the fruit in too long can spoil the liqueur.

The most delicious thing in the world! Enjoy on a cold day after a huge Sunday lunch and a frosty walk, warms the cockles! Best served with friends.

Photo: Andy Barnham

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