Sticky Pork Burger With Celeriac Remoulade

Makes 10 burgers
Prep time 15 mins
Cook time 10-15 mins


1 kg organic pork mince
1 large onion, sauted
50g salted peanuts, chopped
2 tbs spring onions, sliced
2.5 cm piece of ginger, minced
zest of 1 lemon

2 tbs dark soy sauce
1 tbs maple syrup
a pinch of chilli flakes
a pinch of ground coriander
1 tbs ketchup


In a large mixing bowl, mix the pork, onion, peanuts, spring onion, ginger, zest and seasoning together. Best to mix together with your hands to incorporate the flavours evenly, form into 10 burgers, cover and chill.

In a small saucepan warm the soy, maple syrup, chilli flakes, coriander and ketchup. Bring to the boil and set aside to glaze the burgers during cooking.

To cook the burgers you can either BBQ, grill or pan fry. They will take 5 mins on either side. During the cooking brush liberally with the sticky soy and make sure the burgers are cooked through.

Toast your buns and assemble your burger! I like to start with the bun, building from the bottom up with baby gem, tomato, pork burger, celeriac remoulade (recipe below) and topped off with your toasted bun top, stick a skewer through it unless you have large hands and get stuck in! They go down very well at my burger and bourbon nights, as soon as I have a house I can entertain in it will be my first party!


1 small celeriac, shredded on a mandolin (watch your fingers) how I got my nickname….
1 tbs wholegrain mustard
3 tbs mayonnaise
juice of 1 lemon


Combine all the ingredients together working quickly as the celeriac will start to colour if left too long to the air.
I think this goes with everything, sandwiches, cold meats, fish you name it…….. well, not sure how it would work with brownies but i’m sure Hestson could make it work!

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