Summer Evenings And Good Intentions

After a long break from writing I am back in the wordpress world and blogging again. Life has been pretty hectic to say the least, a move to London, a new job and many, many stories along the way. Minus my SLR and now armed with my iPhone, i’m off on my travels again to give you a little glimpse into the life of a passionate foodie! There will be plenty of new recipe, restaurants, pictures and stories to keep your interest.

Its amazing what a sunny day does for the soul…. tonight I have found myself in rural Wiltshire sitting outside with my laptop, a bottle of rose, a yummy dinner and a chocolate springer who goes by the name of Captain Oats. What better time to find inspiration to start writing again?


London moves at a pretty hectic pace and stepping out for just 48 hours has made me realise all the things I have been missing recently, finding time to slow down take a step back and write. Not too sure how many posts i’ll be able to manage a week as I am trying my hardest to get to grips with a new job which is pretty demanding of my time and patience. Best foot forward though and I have very good intentions!

Captain Oats, my dinner companion!

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3 Responses to Summer Evenings And Good Intentions

  1. Libbydib says:

    Missed you! Glad you are back and looking forward to see what yummy delights are ahead!

  2. Jo Frain-Bell says:

    Glad to have you back! xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Cheap Luxury says:

    Loving your photographs !!

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